How to Use Apostrophes

Who would’ve thought that one tiny symbol like an apostrophe (‘) could (rightfully) confuse so many people? They not only look so similar to other punctuation marks (like the single and double quotation marks, the prime symbol, and the acute accent) but also serve a couple of different purposes. But with a bit of training and knowing some simple rules, you’ll become the master of apostrophes in no time. Continue reading How to Use Apostrophes

Typeright: Officially Released and Packed With Brand-New Feature

Not much time has passed since we announced the transition of Grammatica becoming Typeright, and today’s the day: Typeright is out now for you to download on the App and Play Store! But that’s by far not all yet – with Typeright’s official release, we’re also incredibly proud and excited to show off our brand-new Translation Feature available for all iOS devices! Prep yourself for what’s about to come. Continue reading Typeright: Officially Released and Packed With Brand-New Feature

Grammatica Becomes Typeright

When we released Grammatica, we wanted to give our users the perfect tool to become more confident in their English writing and texting. Leveraging the power of complex AI systems, we created an app that checked your English grammar, fixed spelling errors, suggested (contextual) synonyms, helped you with wording, and set the perfect tone. Like every other success story, ours comes in chapters – and now it’s time for the next one. Continue reading Grammatica Becomes Typeright